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Pastoral Care

All parents spoke warmly of the pastoral system. Pupils described the school as ‘kind’, while parents’ top adjective was ‘nurturing’.

Good Schools Guide Review 2023

Aldwickbury has excellent pastoral care according to the Inspection Report of 2022; the Inspectors were also very complimentary about the structures that are in place to ensure that boys of all ages are well cared for. We are proud of the relationships that we foster between staff and boys and indeed amongst the boys themselves. As a community we want the boys to feel secure, cared for and respected and to feel part of the school in which they work and play. Boys’ needs are important and we want them to grow into mature 13 year olds who are ready to become valuable members of society.

In the Pre-Prep, the care of the boys is overseen by the Head of Pre-Prep and the Class Teachers are responsible for their daily needs. In Years 3 – 5 the boys are in small classes with a Class Teacher who looks after their pastoral care. From Year 6 the boys are placed with a Tutor who will monitor a boy's pastoral and academic progress for his remaining years at the School. This system provides for increased continuity of care during this crucial phase whilst allowing far greater one to one contact due to the small sizes of Tutor groups. Pastoral care is overseen by the Headmaster, supported by the Deputy Head who is responsible for pastoral care throughout the school. Boys’ progress both inside and outside the classroom is monitored and regular communication with parents is an essential part of this. There is a carefully designed PSCHE curriculum which is delivered in various ways throughout the school: assemblies, form periods, tutorial sessions, age appropriate seminars and lessons in other curriculum areas are all used in the delivery of PSCHE. This relates to boys’ age groups and helps to develop boys’ self-esteem and their belief in their ability to succeed.

We try to engender a real team spirit at Aldwickbury where each and every individual is valued and respected. There is a strong community feel to the School which is promoted by regular assemblies and chapel services. Boys in Years 3 - 8 belong to a Section (house) which is another important factor in creating the sense of belonging that boys need. We work hard at developing boys’ citizenship skills and there is a strong emphasis placed on good manners and consideration for others based around our eight Aldwickbury Values. Year 8 boys are given leadership training to help them prepare for the challenges and extra responsibility that they will face in their final year. All Year 8 boys are given responsibilities that help them to develop their leadership skills and to increase their feeling of belonging.

One of the most striking impressions that the School makes on visitors is that the boys are happy, open, friendly and confident in all that they do. There is a cooperative and purposeful feel around the School and this is created by the boys and the dedicated team of staff.