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Benefits of Offering a Wide Range of Sporting Activities
Claire Hales

The Benefits of Offering a Wide Range of Sporting Activities 

For some, it’s their favourite part of school. For others, PE presents more of a challenge. But whether your child is a reluctant athlete or a budding sports star, taking part in a wide variety of sporting activities brings a host of benefits that’ll last a lifetime.  

A healthy habit

Being active is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and sport at school is an opportunity to make exercise an enjoyable habit. Regular, timetabled PE sessions along with daily Games for boys in Years 3 to 8,  contribute to the 60 minutes of daily physical activity that are recommended by the NHS, and taking part in different activities can be beneficial in different ways. For example, athletics can improve cardiovascular fitness and motor skills, swimming is good for all-round fitness and tennis builds strong muscles and coordination.  Children who enjoy regular exercise from an early age are more likely to continue this habit into adulthood. 

Building teamwork 

Of course, school sports are about more than just physical activity. Team sports like football, hockey, rugby and cricket all encourage team building and sportsmanship, promoting a sense of healthy competition and the development of friendships. Playing in a team helps children to work together and develop problem solving strategies to achieve their goals. It has great social benefits, with the chance to build new solid friendships, often outside their usual circle. 

Personal development 

Athletic activities are a great way to help children develop self-confidence and resilience. Offering something different from desk-based learning, physical challenges can help children to build self-esteem and a healthy body image.

The urge to smash a personal best or win a match can give young people the drive to succeed – and when they do so, they’ll experience a unique and satisfying sense of accomplishment. But it’s not all about winning. Developing resilience is also important – so when they experience a setback, on or off the field, they’ll have the skills to pick themselves up and try again. Here at Aldwickbury, there are regular opportunities to take part in competitive activities – see our latest sports fixtures. 

Academic achievement 

Although sporting activities are valuable in their own right, young people who play sports also benefit academically. An active lifestyle contributes to healthy sleep habits and can boost concentration in the classroom. As well as these physical benefits, regular sports help children with the psychological and social skills needed for success in education: self-confidence, teamwork, problem solving and persistence. 

Fun and enjoyment

Sports should be fun. It’s really important that children grow up to associate physical activity with enjoyment – and that’s one of the reasons why here at Aldwickbury, we offer a variety of sports and physical activities, both as part of our PE curriculum, daily Games sessions and as extra-curricular activities. There’s something for everyone, regardless of sporting ability, so that everyone can enjoy themselves while getting active. Having a rich variety of activities on offer keeps children interested and engaged. Boys can get involved in familiar sports like football and rugby, but also try their hand at more broad activities, including tchoukball, kabaddi, fencing, orienteering and climbing.