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Aldwickbury Virtual Clubs

For Year 3 - 8 these virtual clubs can be found via Showbie. some will continue throughout the Easter break and others will start next term.

For the boys in the Pre-Prep more information about some clubs for them will be availabe after the Easter break. 

If the boys have any ideas for more clubs then do pass these onto teacher/tutors.

All pupils    
Aldwickbury’s Got Talent    Showbie class code 669BA
Books, news and so much more!    Showbie class code N93B8
Music Club     Showbie class code GENDL
Ski Club    Showbie class code PV75B




Games activities

We are sure the boys would like to get some exercise as well. The games department have created lots of resources to help them keep fit. 
Years 3 & 4     Showbie class code R8VNG
Years 5 & 6 (Colts)     Showbie class code  4UYQU
Years 7 & 8     Showbie class code TD88D

Years 3 and 4    
Junior Arts and Crafts Club    Showbie class code H9RAV
Pet Club    Showbie class code YJMKN
Drama Club 3 and 4    Showbie class code JCQ9G
Year 3 and 4 Book Club    Showbie class code N9FQ2
Makaton (sign language) Club    Showbie class code TQE7J



Years 5-8    
Chess    Showbie class code Q3NQ2
General Knowledge    Showbie class code GHPUL
Tech Club   Showbie class code DUMER
Year 7 & 8 Book Club    Showbie class code EEEBW
Cooking Club     Showbie class code JE836
Magic Club     Showbie class code D7KUK
Music Theory Club  – for members of regular theory Club  (may also be of interest to Junior boys who have been learning an instrument for at least 18 months)    Showbie class code 47CYL
Year 5 & 6 Book Club  Showbie class code   Q9CEF
Architecture Club     Showbie class code NJ9ZG
Drama Club 5-8    Showbie class code 379RW  
Year 8 Art Club    Showbie class code MVYD4