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Theology, Philosophy and Religion

The pupils' ability to develop spiritual understanding and an appreciation of non-material aspects of life is excellent.- ISI Report 2022

At Aldwickbury, we have expanded beyond a traditional Religious Studies curriculum offered in many other schools. Our staff recognise that there is a need to examine more than just Christian scripture and other major world religions whilst maintaining our Christian values as a school.  

In a rapidly changing world where the concept of truth is becoming ever more fluid and as people increasingly turn to social media to consume content, we want to ensure that the boys learn to evaluate sources of information.  In Years 7 and 8, we look to arm our boys with the skills they need to challenge fake news and instil in them a deeper understanding of where our ethics and morals come from and their links to faith. We have achieved this with the introduction of Philosophy into our curriculum.  

Philosophy is studied as a discreet subject in Year 8 but is taught lower down the school as part of Religious Studies. The boys access the subject by looking at parables or stories from global cultures, all of which have a deeper meaning, and encourage the boys to consider more abstract concepts, such as ‘What is happiness?’  

We are very fortunate to have multicultural staff who are generous with their time and willing to share their experience of their faith. The boys benefit from their personal insights during assemblies and extra talks. The curriculum is also enriched with trips to places of worship. Ever looking to maximise learning opportunities, we seek out links to other subjects. For example, Year 6 visit Cambridge Central Mosque, an eco-mosque. Not only do the boys learn about Islam but they get to see a fantastic example of modern architecture that is kind to the environment. These ideas are carried forward into Philosophy, where we consider what our ethical duties as stewards of the planet may be. 

Group of boys inside Mosque
Two boys with teachers in traditional Indian clothing
Group of boys outside Mosque
Teacher showing a menorah