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Science improves and enriches our lives, inspiring us with awe and wonder. Science at Aldwickbury is exciting; practical experiments and hands-on learning are strong motivators and we nurture our boys’ curiosity setting them on a lifelong path of learning. Our boys are inspired, stimulated to seek information for themselves and marvel at the wonders of the natural world. At Aldwickbury, we offer diverse learning opportunities with the goal of sparking enthusiasm for science as a subject. We cultivate a genuine appreciation for logical and scientific methods among boys, encouraging them to strive for experimental accuracy and precision, stay safe during practical experiments, and to communicate their findings with clarity. 

Aldwickbury boasts a thriving science department with experienced teachers supported by a dedicated technician, four state of the art laboratories and extensive grounds providing boys with immediate opportunities outside the classroom. Our weekly science clubs encourage boys to broaden their knowledge and interests through engaging, hands-on activities. We value ‘science in action’ and organise trips to supplement and extend the curriculum outside of Aldwickbury’s physical boundary.  Additionally, guest speakers from specialist fields are invited to provide the boys with diverse perspectives and insights. We host an annual science week celebration for the entire school, with a specific theme. The theme is then explored across the school, culminating in a spectacular school assembly and other hands-on activities. 

Aldwickbury strives for excellence and encourages our boys to be creative and think outside of the box. Boys are well equipped for all future destination schools owing to regular assessments that help them consolidate their knowledge, apply it to new situations, and track their development. Boys leave Aldwickbury with a strong scientific foundation that encourages curiosity and a love of learning, preparing them for GCSE and beyond. 

Group of boys watching Mentos and Coke explosion
Boy taking picture of work in science lesson at Aldwickbury
Boys and teacher watching small explosion in science demonstration
Two boys carrying out an experiment in science lesson
Group of boys during physics demonstration
Group of boys in a circle looking at dry ice
Boys listening to science lesson at Aldwickbury
Boys and teacher doing science experiment
Boy and teacher in science lesson at Aldwickbury School
Group of boys in a circle looking at dry ice

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