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Boys begin their language learning at Aldwickbury in Year 1. From the start, it is the aim of the department to make our private school foreign languages curriculum stimulating, engaging and fun.

Whilst we strive for boys to reach academic excellence, one can argue that this will not be achieved if a boy does not enjoy or is not interested in what he is learning. It is the aim of the department to provide motivating and diverse language lessons using as wide a range of methods as possible.

As well as working on the four main skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, we also aim to enrich the boys’ language learning experience by using other materials such as: ICT, DVDs, reading books, CDs etc.

It is our aim to enthuse the boys into developing a love for languages and the culture and, in encouraging them to be independent learners, making them inquisitive about their language learning. As part of our foreign languages curriculum, all boys in Year 7 take part in a trip to Paris.

Year 7 Trip to Paris