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Pupil's competence in information and communication technology (ICT) is excellent

ISI Report 2022

·         Learning to meet the demands of a modern, digital working environment.

·         Understanding the benefits and risks of technology.

·         Becoming confident and safe when working with computers and mobile devices.

·         Providing opportunities outside of the curriculum to further engage the boys with IT.

IT at Aldwickbury School

We are committed to delivering innovative learning opportunities that inspires, challenges and prepares boys for the future.  We see effective use and understanding of technology to be an important step towards that goal.

We recognise that we are preparing our boys for a digital world that will be very different from today. It is important to us that they are able to engage with technology with confidence and safety.

We understand that the effective use of technology can enhance learning and take it beyond the classroom, but also recognise that there needs to be a balance. Technology will not be used when pen and paper, or face-to-face discussions are better.

What to expect

Our curriculum reflects current, real-world learning.  Every boy will learn to design and code websites, programme and control computers and robots, design in 3D, create content for a wide range of purposes, and much more. Using both personal computers and mobile devices allows us to tailor the learning to the specific age and stage of the boys.

Using IT to enrich other subjects

Technology and IT are used across the curriculum at Aldwickbury, iPads are used in such diverse lessons as Art and PE. Geography and History research can be undertaken in the ICT suites and computer aided design and printing skills are developed in Design and Technology lessons. Using technology helps to add a new dynamic to each subject given new routes for every boy to develop and learn a new perspective.
For those interested in taking their learning further, they can attend optional Tech Clubs.

As the boys progress through the School they are cared for by a dedicated team of professional teachers. In our last full Inspection Report the relationships between the staff and pupils were praised. Ensuring that the boys here feel safe, secure and cared for is a central part of the everyday experience.

Our junior boys in Years 3 and 4 are taught by class teachers for the core subjects and cared for by them for all pastoral matters. They do go to specialist teachers for music, drama, art, D.T. and languages. They also start having games every day. 

Boy using Computer and smiling at Aldwickbury School
Boy using Computer at Aldwickbury School
Boy using Computer at Aldwickbury School