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Inspection Reports

Independent Schools Inspectorate

Integrated Inspection

October 2013

As Headmaster I am delighted to publish the final ISI Integrated Inspection Report from the Inspection which took place on 8 – 11 October 2013.  This covered every aspect of the School, including EYFS and boarding.

Aldwickbury has been judged as being excellent in all but two a categories and in those we were seen to be good with some excellent features.  In so many of the areas of the Report the attitude and commitment of the boys is highlighted; they really have demonstrated genuine engagement with their learning and indeed with all aspects of life in our community.  I was delighted that so many positive comments have been made about all that goes on at Aldwickbury, both inside and outside the classroom.  It was no surprise that the Inspectors found that the relationships at the school were so strong and that the pastoral care was excellent; these are valued very highly at Aldwickbury.

We can be rightly very proud indeed of this rigorous evaluation by a highly experienced ISI Inspection Team, of the exceptional standards evident in all aspects of our School life.  I do hope you enjoy reading this Report.

Vernon Hales 

Extracts from the Main Findings

“The achievement of the pupils is excellent.”

“The curriculum is excellent.”

“An excellent programme of extra-curricular activities contributes much to school life.”

“The quality of provision in the EYFS is excellent.”

“Pupils personal development is excellent.”

The relationships within the school are exemplary, as adults in the school are excellent role models, providing high standards of pastoral care for the pupils.”

“Safeguarding the welfare of the pupils is of paramount concern for all staff.”

“The governors provide excellent oversight of the school.”

“Excellent leadership and management at all levels enable day-to-day school life to proceed smoothly..”

Aldwickbury School had an interim ISI Inspection in March 2011. Much of the report is based on the regulatory framework and no overall judgement is given.  The flavour of the report is that Aldwickbury is a very good school with many outstanding features.

The ISI Inspectors wrote

"The quality of teaching is good overall with sometimes outstanding features and effectively supports the pupils' achievements. Teaching is focused on the learning styes of boys."

"Pupils personal development is excellent and is effectively nurtured by a school community committed to the care and welfare of its pupils."

"Good quality leadership and management strongly supports the achievements and development of the pupils"

In 2009 the Ofsted inspectors wrote

"The school enshrines strong values based on respect, fairness, endeavour, kindness, integrity, commitment, independence and cooperation."