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What is Boarding School Life Like?

What is Boarding School Life Like?

If you’ve read the classic school stories, you might think of boarding school as an adventure. Alternatively, you might have heard horror stories of miserable children separated from their families. The truth is, at the right age and in the right environment, boarding school can be an enriching experience that allows boys to build independence, cultivate friendships and become part of a community. Here’s an insight into boarding school life at Aldwickbury School.

Sleeping at school

It’s fun to spend time outside school hours with your friends, and here at Aldwickbury our boarders share lots of common experiences together, in homely surroundings. Our five comfortable dormitories house 27 boys, grouped according to age (boys can start boarding from Year 5 upwards). Boarders can also access a TV and recreation room, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and the library. The boarding environment is carefully designed to be a home from home for all the boys, who are overseen by a caring Boarding Matron and her team of boarding staff.

Daily routine

How is boarding school life different to the routine for our day boys? Our daily life starts at 7am, when boarders get up and shower before breakfast. They are joined for breakfast at 7.40am by any day boys who wish to attend, before the school day begins in earnest.

After school, boarders eat supper with those attending the after school club at 5.45pm each day. After this, they can have fun taking part in a range of activities of their choice. It’s down to work at 7.15pm with half an hour of prep, followed by a nightcap before bed. At 8.30pm it’s time for lights out, after a busy day of work and play.

Staying in touch

Boarding at prep school is likely to be a pupil’s first real experience of life away from the home. It’s important that children have the opportunity to be in regular contact with their families, with regular calls and emails home. Fortunately, today’s technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch, and all boys have the opportunity to talk to parents and other family members every day if they want to.

Boarding at Aldwickbury and many other schools is flexible, so boys have the option to spend Tuesday to Thursday at school and return home at the weekend. For many students, this offers the best of both worlds. Alternatively, boys can choose to board full time, or just one or two nights a week.

The school community

At Aldwickbury, we pride ourselves on a caring and nurturing school community, where every boy feels happy, comfortable and valued. Because our boarders spend so much time in a close-knit, friendly environment, they are confident, happy individuals who benefit from the friendship and camaraderie of their fellow pupils. Boarding at Aldwickbury is a fantastic experience in itself, and it also acts as excellent preparation for pupils who will be boarding at their next school.

Find out more about boarding at Aldwickbury and treat yourself to a special performance by boarders and staff!

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