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What Financial Help is Available at Aldwickbury?

What Financial Help is Available at Aldwickbury?

What Financial Help is Available at Aldwickbury? 

Independent schooling provides a whole host of fantastic opportunities and support to your child as they grow up. Due to smaller class sizes, your child will receive more focused attention, allowing them to progress quicker and get the best out of their education. As well as plenty of exciting extracurricular activities on offer, your child will be able to find their niche and excel to the best of their ability.   

However, all these benefits come at a price. A considerable expense but albeit a great investment, it is important to ensure that you can afford independent schooling before committing or enrolling your child. Gaining a clear understanding of the full cost over the years will enable you to plan your finances and work out whether this is something you can fund on your own or if you’ll need additional support. There is a bursary scheme in place at Aldwickbury to broaden public access to private education and to help those who need it wherever we can.  

How much does independent schooling cost? 

Aldwickbury School have set, termly fees in place that include all curricular school trips. Additional activities such as individual music or LAMDA lessons, fencing and skiing caoching may come at an extra cost so be aware that these fees are subject to change depending on these factors.  

The set fees for the 2019/20 school year; 



Years 1 and 2     


Years 3 and 4 


Years 5 and 6    


Years 7 and 8 


Details of chargeable extras can also be found on our website, including music lessons, extra tuition and boarding prices. Also, be aware that a registration fee and deposit are required when enrolling.  

Aldwickbury Bursary Scheme

A bursary is a grant to help with the funds required for your child to receive private education. We are keen to broaden access to independent schooling and offer financial support to parents as best as we can to allow your child to excel in the best place for them. Our bursary scheme is available for boys new to the school from Year 3 upwards, however, there may be circumstances when this can be considered for existing students.  

Bursaries are offered to those that show the ability and potential to thrive at Aldwickbury but are unable to cope with the financial strain without additional help. In the case of supporting existing students, this may be considered during sudden or short term hardship within the family.  

Before offering a bursary to a student, there is an assessment criterion in place to test if they are an eligible candidate, academically or non-academically. This is done to ensure students who will benefit the most from this scheme are chosen and enrolled into the school as a priority. 

There is an entire process that goes into potentially offering your family a bursary for your child to attend Aldwickbury School. This includes tests, interviews, proof of finances, potential home visits and an annual review. You have to be prepared to go through this process and co-operate with the school the best that you can. This may result in full coverage of school fees and extras or the appropriate support that is believed to be necessary.  

Although we would like to offer every child the opportunity to attend Aldwickbury School, only a limited number of bursaries can be given out per school year. Therefore, please ensure you have fully read and understood our Bursary Policy before considering an application and get in touch if you have any further questions.  

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