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The Benefits of After School Clubs

The Benefits of After School Clubs

The school day can feel long to many children, but it finishes earlier than most parents finish work. After school clubs provide a practical solution to the logistics of school pick-ups, and it’s reassuring to know that they also bring a host of benefits for both parents and children.

High quality wraparound care

After school clubs are a safe and friendly form of wraparound care, in a familiar and trustworthy setting. Rather than using an outside company, our club is run by teaching assistants that the boys already know and trust. Working parents will benefit from the convenience that after school clubs offer, and the peace of mind of knowing that children are well-looked after, with healthy food and a range of interesting activities.

Extracurricular activities

The after school club at Aldwickbury is laid back and informal with no need to pre book on a termly basis. The boys are free to amuse themselves with a wide choice of activities. Whether they’re relaxing with a board game or letting off steam with a game of football or table tennis, there’s never a dull moment. If they choose, Aldwickbury boys can also benefit from a range of structured extracurricular clubs, lessons and activities after school, including art club, chess club, music and drama lessons. These extracurricular activities offer an excellent opportunity to develop new skills, with many pupils finding satisfying hobbies that can last a lifetime.

New friendships

Your child will make all sorts of new relationships at after school club, getting to know children of all ages outside the usual class structure of the formal school day. It’s a great opportunity to build social skills and develop new friendships in a fun and relaxed, play-based environment.

Improved confidence and self-esteem

In the non-structured environment of after school club, children can relax – but that doesn’t mean they stop learning. Often, when ‘the stakes are lower’ in an informal environment, pupils are more willing to try new things, from challenging themselves on the climbing frame to playing an active role in group activities. The sense of belonging engendered by being part of a friendly group can boost feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

Better academic performance

Our after school club allows the boys to completely switch off following the school day. It is a chance to relax away from the learning environment, have a bit of fun and play with their friends. The ability to leave work in the classroom can positively impact their academic performance, and increase their general wellbeing. 

A taste of boarding school life

At Aldwickbury, many of our boys enjoy the boarding school life, but others aren’t yet sure if it’s right for them. We offer taster evenings for Year 5s and above, but after school club (and its early-morning equivalent, breakfast club) can act as an early introduction to the boarding routine. At breakfast club, the boarders and day boys all eat together before joining in with our Early Start activities.

At Aldwickbury, our after school club has a friendly, home-from-home ethos, with an emphasis on play rather than extra lessons or homework. After school club runs from 3pm to 5.45pm Monday to Friday, with three session slots to suit your schedule. Contact the school office for more information or to book a slot, on 01582 713022.

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