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Perseverance pays off against Kingshott

Perseverance pays off against Kingshott

With all of year 7 away in France it was all hands to the pump for the remaining Seniors who showed a real esprit de corps in their matches against Kingshott yesterday afternoon.

1st IX - Lost 2-5 (Oskar, MoM: Oskar)

They were a very tough team, I think it just wasn’t our day, losing 5 – 2. It’s not a game we should ever try to repeat. However in the first half we fought hard pulling off a 2 all draw, thanks to Oscar 2 goals. Our team spirit was high in first half with good communication, passing and team work.However we went into the second half as if the game had ended. Lacking enthusiasm and passion we showed no commitment. We were unable to string more than 2 passes together and our team spirit went down the drain. Therefore they managed to score 3 more goals resulting in our dismal defeat.In conclusion we need to go into the next games with our heads high with a good team spirit. Remember don’t stop playing until the final whistle is blown. Once again another thanks to Oscar for scoring 2 goals. BH

2nd IX - Drew 4-4 (Lois, Max, Lucas, Max, MoM: Mathew)

3rd IX - Won 5-2(Will 4, Edward, MoM: Will)

Colts A - Lost 4-6

Team: Alex, Theo, James L, James G, Conan, Tom, Toby, Ben, Monty

Score: Aldwickbury 4 Kingshott 6

The match was very close, we scored the first goal. It was by Toby, we had a corner and Toby headed it downwards and it bounced up into the top corner. The score at half time was 2-2, but when we started the second half we let them play too much. They had too much space and were able to move the ball around and score goals, eventually though we started passing and scoring. One of the goals was by Alex who got the ball, turned round and shot scoring in the top corner. We probably could have made it a draw or maybe even a win but at the end of the game it was 6-4. JG

 Colts B - Drew 1-1

Colts C - Won 3-0

Colts D - Won 17-0

Colts E - Won 1-0 (Aryan)

Colts F - Won 6-0

Colts G - Won 5-0 (MoM: Jamie)

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