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Our School Values

Our School Values

Values-based education is at the heart of our philosophy here at Aldwickbury. The school has a set of eight values that are incorporated into every aspect of school life, informing and influencing everything we do.

Our school’s core values were formally introduced in 2005, but they encompass the spirit of Aldwickbury since its inception 70 years ago. The school values of Commitment, Cooperation, Endeavour, Fairness, Independence, Integrity, Kindness and Respect shape how boys and staff interact within the school, how they treat one another and how they approach school life. 


It can be difficult to stick with something when challenges arise, but commitment is important in all aspects of life, from friendship to studying. We teach the boys that perseverance is worth the effort, even when it’s not the easy option.

pre-prep ready for schoolCo-operation

By working together, it’s possible to achieve amazing things. Co-operation helps us all to get more for our efforts, to develop a sense of community, and to enjoy the time we spend with others.


Sometimes it’s a struggle to achieve your goals, but you’ll learn a lot by trying. At Aldwickbury we encourage students to show willing and strive to do things they might not think possible; even if they don’t succeed, they’ll gain confidence from their attempts.


Fairness is vital in order to build a community where everyone trusts each other. At Aldwickbury, we want every boy’s voice to be heard, and every person to be treated with equal respect.

pre-prep ready for schoolIndependence

One of the roles of a school is to equip its students with the tools they need to live independently. Boarding is one way to achieve this; in addition we offer leadership training for boys in Year 8, supporting them to become responsible and independent members of the community. Even the youngest boys are encouraged to be independent.


Integrity means being true to your beliefs and values, even when they are challenged. Acting with integrity can be hard, but together with honesty, it’s a crucial characteristic for tomorrow’s leaders. At Aldwickbury, we emphasise doing the right thing, even when an adult isn’t present.


Being kind isn’t just good for the person you help; it’s beneficial for you as well. It’s a positive trait that involves considering others before ourselves. We believe kindness is the key to a happy school.


Many of these values wouldn’t be possible without respect. A fundamental feature of our school community, mutual respect between staff and pupils enables us to work together happily.

Putting values into practice

The stained glass window in the front hall is a wonderful visual representation of all these values. But the Aldwickbury School values aren’t just words; they’re put into practice, too. Every boy from Reception to Year 8 spends three weeks to learn about each value, through Pre-Prep assemblies, junior form PSHCE lessons, form periods in the prep school, and readings in the Year 3-8 assemblies.

Each week a new ‘thought for the week’ supports the week’s value. These are posted around the school and tweeted.

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