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More success against Beechwood

More success against Beechwood

After the positive performances of the Senior teams at the weekend the Colts joined teh fray in a full block of fixtures against local rivals Beechwood Park.

1st IX  - Won 3-2 (Goals: Josh, Dylan, Ben)

The long awaited local derby against Beechwood Park School took place on Wednesday 13 September. Aldwickbury were without Saturday’s Captain, Luca, who had to sit the game out having decided to head someone’s boot during rugby on Sunday!

Following a 1-0 win on Saturday, Aldwickbury came in with a lot of confidence. Aldwickbury kicked-off and within five minutes we had almost scored when Dylan whipped in a lovely ball and Ben was inches away from tapping it in. Aldwickbury scored their first goal through Joshua who showed real composure in striking the ball into the bottom corner, 1-0! Shortly before half time, a ball was whipped in and Joshua was centimetres away from making it 2-0. At half time Mr Marshall told us we were playing well but had to communicate a bit better.

The second half began with us against the wind so conditions were harder. But we managed to make it 2-0 and again it was Joshua! He skilfully beat two defenders before laying it off to Dylan who hit it home from close range. Beechwood responded quickly with one player skilfully beating three Aldwickbury players before laying it off for their centre forward who had a simple 1 on 1 and scored. Beechwood rallied again, this time a cross field ball was played and their forward ran behind and passed it into the bottom corner. We were finder it harder as the wind got stronger. But in the final few seconds, with Mr Marshall looking for added “Fergie time”, a long ball was hoofed upfield, controlled by Joshua whose shot ricocheted straight to Ben who slammed it in. 3-2! Then the full time whistle blew and Aldwickbury were victorious. Another win to continue our great start to the season!

2nd IX - Won 2-0 (Goals: Aidan, Kaspar, MoM: Elliot)

The match against Beechwood was a very tense game, even though the score was 2-0, we had a lot of very good chances and their defence and goalkeeper did very well to stop most of them.

The game started and I could tell a few of the boys were nervous. The game went on for 10 or 15 minutes and Aidan made a nice run to the edge of the box and got fouled. We had a free kick and we came to an agreement that Kaspar should take it. He kicked the ball beautifully and it swerved through the air into the top right corner. 1-0 Aldwickbury.

The second half whistle blew and we had a few more good chances. A few minutes remained and Kaspar had the ball on the edge of the box. He played a lovely ball through the defence to Aidan’s feet. Aidan took a really good touch and then placed the ball in the bottom right corner. Final score 2-0 Aldwickbury!

3rd IX - Won 5-1 (Goals: Guy, Tom 2, Michael, William)

The thirds played a home game this week against Beachwood. I started off the pitch with Will. We got off to a good start keeping play mainly in their half but 10 minutes  into the game they went 1-0 up.

Shortly after this William managed to get the ball into the back of the net just before the goalkeeper grabbed onto it. The pressure really started kicking in 5 minutes to half time. After numerous attempts Tom managed to find his way past the goalkeeper which put the score to 2-1 us. After this everything started clicking into place. Goals consecutively being scored.3-1 , 4-1 and then ten minutes before the final whistle blew it went to 5-1 ending a great victory over Beechwood. JW

Colts A - Won 4-0 (Goals: Monty 2, Alex, Ben, MoM: Monty)

It was a very windy day, which meant that we had to keep the ball on the sloping ground. In the first hlaf we were energetic for the first five mintes and Monty scored our first goal. monty promised us an incredable clebration but it didn't work out. There was some whipping corsses from ames which nearly resulted in further goals and Jaems in defence made sure nothing got past him.

The second half went very well and we dominated up front with Tom the only year 5 in the team. Ben the 'mad man in the middle' managed to get on the score sheet, top bins a.k.a Alex scored the third. Monty took his tally up to two very late in the game sealing a solid 4-0 victory. TJ

Colts B - Won 6-0 (Goals: Conan 3, Sam 2, Henry, MoM: Conan)

On Wednesday the 13th September, the Colts B played their first match of the season with an outstanding 6-0 win. This is what happened.

We started out well with some close shots and some shots skimming the bar. Our first goal was by Conan, a ground shot which hit the keeper’s leg and flew in just below the crossbar - a lovely goal.  Then in the same minute, Conan scored another lovely goal! Henry then scored an amazing goal with a lot of pace on the ball.

Early in the second half, Conan completed his hat-trick with a nice goal. Will decided the team was going to do the rowing boat but was stopped by Mr Gilyead. After two goals were scored by Sam on the left and we were about to score our seventh from inside the box, the referee blew his whistle to signal the end of the match. A brilliant start to the season! HG

Colts C - Won 1-0 (Goals: tbc)

The first match we played against Beechwood. Alfie started in goal and their goal keeper was a very good keeper but also a previous Aldwickbury School pupil. The match started in our favour because kicked off. We managed to get in a few crosses and corners. On one occasion I crossed the ball of a corner kick which landed right on James’s head but unfortunately just flew over the cross bar. Later in the game we received the ball and James broke through their defence and blazed the ball into the back of the net. After this match winning goal not much happened after that,

The second game we played in was much harder because we were playing our own D team. This time I started in goal the D team had the kick off. The D team had numerous break troughs but nothing much came from it. Sean had the closest opportunity to score when he broke through our very strong defence it came to one on one with me and him but I made a great diving save to stop his shot. Later in the game Alfie and I switched positions again. On one occasion it was a goal kick to the C team and Alfie who was the goal keeper at the time kicked it to me on the wing. I panned one of their defenders and dribbled around another and took a shot which ended up in the top corner which made the game 1-0 in favour of the C team this is how the match ended as well. TL

Colts D - Lost 0-1

The match against Beechwood was a very close game. Ben had an excellent game making good solid passes as well as running into space on numerous occasions. Beechwood had a good striker who almost scored a late goal. Credit is due to Ben that did some great defending throughout the game to keep the final score at 1-0 in favour of Aldwickbury.

The game against the Aldwickbury C was even tighter with George being highlighted as having a very good match. Unfortunately the game ended 1-0 going the way of the C team. FW

Colts E - Lost 1-4 (Goal: tbc)

Colts F - Drew 1-1 (Goals: Lois, MoM: Lois)

Colts G - Won

Colts H - Won

Colts I - Won

This Wednesday we played an exciting match against Beechwood Park. In the first half we were losing 0-2 but at half time we had a team talk from Mr Schanshieff which motivated us to keep trying. In the second half our play improved and we scored a stunning first goal shortly followed by a second, the match ending in a 2-2 draw.

Colts J - Lost

Aldwickbury School Year 5 football J team made its debut today in a mixed team with the seasoned Year 6 footballers. The weather was a very mixed bag ranging from rain and wind to bright sunshine which afforded Jazz the occasional sunbathing opportunity in the penalty area.

Right from kick-off the Beechwood Park opposition looked hungry for a win spurred on by some vocal soccer dads from BP but not Aldwickbury as we don’t go in for that kind of thing.

The Year 6s may have been the more experienced players but were a little lacklustre in their attacking play. It was the Year 5 debut group who made some great passes, worked the pitch and also made some great saves. The end result was a disappointing five nil defeat to Aldwickbury but it was good to see some emerging new talent. HC

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