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Meeting Individual Needs

At Aldwickbury we endeavour to be an inclusive organisation and our procedures and guidelines apply across the whole school. 

We consider the well-being and individual needs of all boys and aim to manage and support effectively the learning aspects of their development. Wherever possible we strive for boys to have full access to the whole curriculum and the support that we offer is targeted to allow them to remain in class. However, when necessary and appropriate, boys may be withdrawn and work in small groups or individually. 

The current structure has a Head of Individual Development responsible for liaising with all staff and, in particular, the Head of Pre-Prep, Head of Juniors, Director of Studies and Matron, to guarantee that all boys have a happy school experience and achieve their full potential. In addition, the school employs a part-time member of staff specifically for SEND. 

The Deputy Head, Head of Junior Department and Head of Pre-Prep coordinate the provision for all pupils with learning difficulties in Years 5-8, 3-4 and R-2 respectively. The Learning Support teacher coordinates the provision for any boys who she teaches on a 1:1 basis and is available for advice on specific issues relating to any boy.

It is the role of the Director of Studies and the Head of Individual Development to ensure that all staff are aware of the needs of our boys as it is everyone’s responsibility to deliver high quality, appropriate provision for all. 

Parents are kept informed of their son’s progress and, if there are any concerns, are invited to attend regular meetings to discuss how best to move forward to allow him to fulfil his full potential.  

Boys requiring tuition for specific learning needs that are beyond other forms of intervention are taught individually. These individual lessons will usually be charged as an extra, unless it falls within the school’s duty to make reasonable adjustments for a disabled pupil, when no charge will be made. Parents will be notified of these charges before they are incurred.

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