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How much are private school fees?

How much are private school fees?

If you’re considering private education for your child, it’s important to understand how much this will cost over the course of their entire school career. Here’s what you need to consider when researching the cost of private schooling.

Average fees

Fees vary widely depending on the type of school, its location and many other factors. According to ISC Census 2017 data figures, the cost of schooling is between £13,419 and £32,259. Private schooling is most expensive in London and the South East of England, and slightly cheaper, on average, in the North.

At Aldwickbury, our fees range from £4,220 per term (£12,660 per year) for Reception year, up to £5,220 per term (£15,660 per year) for Years 7 and 8.

Extra expenses

It’s important to factor in the cost of boarding and other chargeable extras. These might include music lessons, school trips and after school clubs, as well as uniforms, meals and sundries. These should be outlined in the information given out to prospective parents and can normally be found on the school’s website. At Aldwickbury we include the cost of lunch, curricular trips and visiting speakers. Not all schools do though so do ask. Some charges might be payable in advance, while others, like music tuition fees, may be billed in arrears. It’s also important to budget for a non-refundable registration fee and a deposit.

Another consideration could be the option to pay school fees monthly or termly. Take a look at School Fee Plan who allow you to do just this.

Is it worth the cost?

Private school fees are a considerable expense for any family, but many people see private education as a great investment. Education is essential in preparing young people for their future lives, so paying school fees now could equip your child with broader educational opportunities and qualifications to succeed in their career.

The value of private schooling doesn’t just lie in future outcomes. Smaller class sizes, a wider range of extracurricular activities and a school ethos that fits your child’s learning style and family values are all advantages that your child will benefit from immediately. Conversely, if a school isn’t a good fit for your child, it’s unlikely to be worth paying the school fees, because they may not thrive in that particular environment. If you’re unsure if a particular school will be worth the fees, you should attend an open day or make an appointment to visit the school. That way, you can get a feel for the school, the Head, the teachers and whether it is right for your child, and worth the investment.

Help with the cost of fees

Most private schools offer scholarships and bursaries. At Aldwickbury, families can apply for assistance with paying school fees, via a means-tested bursary from Year 3 and above. For information on other forms of financial help, the Independent Schools Council has further details of school fees assistance, to help broaden access to private education for families who may otherwise be unable to afford the fees.

More information about our fees

You can find out more about school fees at Aldwickbury, including the cost of extracurricular activities and boarding, via our website or do give us a call on 01582 713022.

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