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Football Results this week

Football Results this week


We have completed another highly successful week on the football pitches, with so many boys enjoying their chance to represent the school. The results were excellent with some close losses and big wins over our neighbours, Beechwood Park.

Results v Beechwood Park

1st IX               Lost 1-2         

2nd IX              Won 5-2 (Alex C-E3 goals)                 


3rd IX               Lost 2-3                     

4th IX               Lost 1-2                     

5th IX               Lost 2-3                     

Colts A           Won 5-0        

Colts B           Lost 1-3           

Colts C           Drew 2-2         

Colts D           Won 10-1 (Lucas O 6 goals!!)                    

Colts E           Won 5-4        

Colts F           Lost 0-2         

Colts G           Won 9-1 (Zachary Wl 4 goals, Matthew C 3 goals)           

Colts H           Won 7-0 (Jack M6 goals!!)             

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