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After School Club Information for Parents

Registration For After School Club

Pre-Prep parents are asked to email the Pre-Prep office ( to book sessions by the Friday before the following week. Late bookings should be made directly through the Head of Pre-Prep ( ) to ensure there are sufficient places for any day.

Years 3 and 4 parents sign up for ASC on the notice board in the Junior Block. Messages may also be sent to Mr Malan ( ) or to the school office ( office during the day.

Years 5 and 6 boys sign up on the ASC notice board, which is in the passage way, near the entrance to the conservatory. Year 6 boarders join this session along with any boys staying for evening clubs, such as drama and fencing. Messages may also be sent to Mr Malan ( or to the school office ( during the day, preferably by lunchtime, on the day required.

Any boys not collected from the Pre-Prep by 3.25pm, Years 3 and 4 by 4:10pm and Years 5 and 6 by 5.20pm will automatically be signed up for ASC with the supervisor on duty. This will ensure the safety of the boys at all times. Charges will then be applied.

Arrival  and Departure

Pre-Prep At 3.05pm Boys in Reception are collected from classrooms and mustered in the Resources Room. At 3.15pm boys from Years 1 and 2 join ASC for a drink and snack. A register is taken and all parents/carers must sign the signing out book as they take their boy/s.

The Pre-Prep boys attending session two (starting at 4pm) will be taken from the Pre-Prep Hall to the Library at 4.10pm, where they will hang up their kit and wash their hands, ready for snack time in the little dining room.

If your son is only attending session one, please collect him from the Prep-Prep hall by 4pm. If you are delayed and cannot collect by 4.10pm, please collect from the Library or little dining room. There will be a charge if you run over by more than ten minutes into the next session – session one (3.15pm - 4pm), session two (4pm – 5.10pm) and session three (5.10pm – 5.45pm).

Years 3 and 4 boys are dismissed from class by their form teacher. They then go to the little dining room for a drink, sandwich and cake as well as to have the register taken. This will be checked against the signing up sheet kept on the Junior notice board.

At about 4.30pm the boys will be involved in various activities in the library, conservatory or outdoors, depending on the weather.

A notice will always be placed in the library to inform parents where to collect their son/s.

At the end of the session boys are asked to collect their belongings, put on their blazers and generally look smart to go home. Parents collect Years 3 and 4 from the library and they must sign out in the signing out register.

Years 5 and 6 boys are added to the register on arrival at about 5:15pm. The boys must sign out in the signing out register.


Details of our Non-Collection of a Pupil Policy is available to parents on the website.

Any boy not collected by 5.55pm on Monday to Thursday will be taken to the dining room by the ASC supervisor to wait for their parents under the supervision of the boarding staff. If no message has been received the Boarding Matron will try and contact parents at this stage. Should the circumstances require the boy may have Boarders’ Supper, they will be charged at the normal rate. The boarding staff will take responsibility until the boy is collected by the parents or a known adult. The boarding staff must be informed when the boy is collected by his parents or a known adult.


A member of staff is on duty on a Friday evening and will be in the car park. Any boy/s not collected from ASC by 5.55pm will be delivered into the care of the member of staff on duty. The member of staff will take responsibility for them until their parents or a known adult collects them.

Special Conditions

After School Club will be cancelled should the School have to close due to unforeseen circumstances. Should this be the case the parents will be informed.

Parents should be aware that all Aldwickbury School Policies apply to After School Club. These policies can be viewed on the School website or can be supplied on request. Any complaints should be made in the normal manner according to the School’s Complaints Procedure.

If you have any queries, suggestions or concerns regarding After School Club, please contact Mr Malan(






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