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Aldwickbury School


Our independent school science curriculum at Aldwickbury aims to create the following outcomes:

  • Boys who are naturally curious about the world around them.
  • Boys with an excellent breadth of scientific knowledge that enables them to form informed opinions and which should stimulate further exploration around the subject.
  • 95-100% pass rate at Common Entrance every year and success in scholarship exams.
  • Boys who understand the relevance of science in the modern world.
  • Boys who have a clear understanding of the scientific method and its importance in obtaining accurate results from experiments whilst being aware of safe experimental practice.
  • Boys with a love of the subject and a desire to discover more about the world they live in.

Science is taught in the science lab from Year 5 and in form rooms before this point. Practical work is still achieved in form rooms due to banks of equipment held in the various areas of the school.

Aldwickbury School

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