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Music is a wonderful part of life at Aldwickbury, with opportunities in our private school music curriculum for any boy to become involved at a level appropriate to his age and level of ability.

All classes from Reception to Year 8 have classroom music lessons with a specialist teacher. Singing in unison and in parts is undertaken at all levels, as it is the most fundamental and accessible means of making music in class groups.

  • Year 3 and 4 participate in unison and part singing, as well as exploring pulse and rhythm. A wide variety of percussion instruments including a class set of xylophones and djembe drums are introduced for class ensemble work, composition and basic improvisation skills. Listening and analysis skills are developed through key works by Saint-Saens and Prokofiev.
  • Year 5 participate in three newly created curriculum projects - 'Introduction to the Western Orchestra', 'British Folk Songs & African-American Spirituals' and Exploring Minimalism, as well as developing a more complex repertoire of part singing. All boys are encouraged to perform to their peers and to develop skills necessary to review performance and to share feedback.
  • Year 6 and 7 participate in a new two-year Music History programme including the study of musical works spanning the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and early 20th Century period. The course includes class performing, small group composition and improvisation skills, as well as regular part singing and more complex rhythm games.
  • Year 8 participate in a new 'Music Theatre' course focussed around key figures in the industry. Boys study composers, key works from a broad timeline, lyrics and text-setting as well as performing and analysing various composition techniques. The course concludes with a trip to a music theatre production. Boys spend the remainder of the year working in small groups on a new 'Make a Band' project encouraging boys to bring in their own pop music to the classroom. Groups will organise themselves, transcribe music, finally re-creating and recording their chosen tracks. 
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