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Drama is important at Aldwickbury and all boys take part.

From Pre -Prep to Year 8 drama helps the boys develop their confidence and self-esteem through role play, improvisation and productions.   From Reception to Year 6 there are year group productions, often linked to our private school drama curriculum but not always. 


There is also a senior production for Years 7 and 8 where they work together to form a fully functional theatre company, stage-managing and crewing the show themselves.


During a time-tabled lessons, boys in Years 3-5 develop skills in; performance, communication and teamwork. They use improvisation to explore and express their own ideas about the world in which we live.


In Year 6 the boys are introduced to the history of drama and come to recognise the many forms that drama takes in a multi-media society. 


In Year 7 we begin to work on Shakespeare texts exploring the atmosphere, character and the imagined world of the play.  We often use abridged texts but avoid modernised rewrites.


In Year 8 we introduce some of the other key practitioners whose work and influence is still evident today.  We also provide a second, advanced class for those working towards a Drama Scholarship at their senior school.


The skills they learn from our independent school drama curriculum are evident in other areas of the School whether that be debating, reading in Chapel services or addressing the School in assembly. 


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